Edinburgh South Cricket Club 3rd XI squad

3rd XI
Graham Smith Member profile - no photo available

Captain : Graham Smith

Ian Ross Member profile - no photo available

Vice Captain : Ian Ross

Andrew Barrie Member profile Andrew Barrie
young player who keeps wicket and bowls the occasional over of pies, looking to secure a regular spot in the league XI's for the first time since joining the club in 2009!
Bradley Bonthrone Member profile Bradley Bonthrone
opening batsman well keen to try my hand at opening a bit more played my cricket for the last few years at preston village as a number 3 in division 9 hopefully give the 4's a bit more steel in the batting side of things in the coming years not a main line bowler but keen to pitch in when I can if short on the bowling I bowl slow to the slowest of bowling which can prove affective as proved with my best figures of 4-31 off 5 overs
Gerry Dodson Member profile Gerry Dodson
Non-triskaidekaphobic grandpa of the team. Statuesque fielder, wistful but ambitious right hand batsman, slow septuagenarian left arm bowler. Very optimistic: “if I don’t know what’s coming next, what hope does the batsman have?”

Robert Edwards Member profile - no photo available Robert Edwards
Brendon Hillyard Member profile Brendon Hillyard
Bat, bowl and stuff...
Ian Irving Member profile - no photo available Ian Irving
Bowler: kind of

Batsmen: not at all
Pete Kingsley Member profile Pete Kingsley
Pete joined the club halfway through the 2010 season, quickly establishing his credentials as a negligible cricketer.  He became involved in the administration of the club, helping establish the 3rd XI, and serving as captain for their first two seasons in 2011 and 2012.  

Pete is a swing bowler.  After many hours of sympathetic coaching, his bowling has evolved from slow filth to medium not-quite-so-filthy.  His fielding and batting - the latter often involving lengthy, ineffectual stonewalling, including an infamous 44 ball duck in 2011 - remain liabilities.

Also Edinburgh South treasurer; responsible for club treasure.
Calum Raine Member profile Calum Raine
Bowls: Left-arm medium.
Bats: RHB
Fields: Mid-wicket, cover.

Twitter: @CalumRaine
Facebook: /calum.raine
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