Winter indoor nets

In response to the rapid growth in club membership, this year's winter nets will work differently to previous seasons.

Sessions will run from 8th January on Sunday afternoons at the Edinburgh Academy, 10 Arboretum Road, Edinburgh, EH3 5PL.

There will be two 90 minute sessions that will run back to back:

  • Session 1 - 14:00–15:30 - 3rd XI, 4th XI and junior hardball squads
  • Session 2 - 15:30–17:00 - 1st XI and 2nd XI squads
Capacity is limited for each session to ensure everyone gets sufficient batting time. To attend, mark your availability in the usual section. If you're a 3rd XI player and your available for both time slots please mark your availability for each of them and the club coaches will select which session for you to attend. If you can't make the slot allocated for your squad we can potentially make exception but this is not guaranteed.

Each session will be attended by one of more of the club coaching team so please take the opportunity to talk to Qasim, Adnan and the others to establish which you're looking to develop for the upcoming season.

Net fees
Winter nets are separate from club membership. There are 12 sessions scheduled and you have two payment options:
  • £50 for the sessions as a whole block
  • £5 pay-as-you-go per session
Net fees must be paid in advance and can be paid by direct bank transfer to the club account. If you are unable to pay in advance we also have a card machine to take payments on the day but we no longer accept cash.

New to the club or thinking about joining
Just get in touch via email to find out more and get a members account set up for you on the website.

Already a member?
Just log in to the site and head to the Availability section to mark which sessions you can attend

Upcoming fixtures
Date: Sun 02 Apr 2023
 Training1s + 2sHome (Edinburgh Academy Sports Centre (winter nets)) 15:30
 Training3s, 4s and juniorsHome (Edinburgh Academy Sports Centre (winter nets)) 14:00