Practice Sessions

Preseason indoor training - 2020

Our 2020 indoor nets will be held on Saturday, between 22nd February and 4th April, from 1.30pm-3.30pm.  Same venue as last year, James Gillespie's High School in Marchmont.

James Gillespie's High School

57 Lauderdale Street



The nets will be hardball, so full protection required. Club kit can be borrowed for those that don't have it.

Please contact Paul Reddish for more information.

Running alongside the nets will be a softball skills session. This will include softball throw downs for the batsman and bowling drills for bowlers, organised by the coaching team.

These sessions are free to members, and £5 for non members.

Outdoor training

Outdoor training will begin at Inch Park in April 2020. Exact date to be advised, and weather dependent!