Practice Sessions

Pre-season training – 2022



We run a number of different sessions to cater for a range of ages and development levels.

Cricket Stars weekly games | ages 5-11

Friday evenings – 18:00-19:30
Gracemount High School



Winter training take place each week between 18:00–20:00 at the Edinburgh Academy Sports Centre, 10 Arboretum Road, Edinburgh EH3 5PL.

The numbers of players permitted to attend each session will be limited by capacity. Selection for training sessions will be managed through this site's selection tool and nets sessions are listed as fixtures for the 'Mitres' team.

If you have a club account, just login and head to the availability tab. There you can indicate which sessions you are available for. You will then receive an email informing you if you have been allocated a slot in that week's session. If oversubscribed we will endeavour to distribute training slots equally to ensure all club members have an equal opportunity to prepare for the 2022 season.

If you do not have a club account, interested in finding out more about Edinburgh South and joining the club please contact Paul Reddish for more information.

Women's and Girls

Dynamos  | ages 8-11

Tuesday evenings – 16:30-17:45
Gracemount High School

Intro sessions | aged 12+

Friday evenings – 19:30–20:30
Gracemount High School

Development sessions | aged 12+

Wednesday evenings – 20:30–21:45
James Gillespie's High School