Membership fees

Membership fees 2022

Membership fees for the 2022 season will remain the same, however, the fee now only covers 1 game per weekend.

Club membership fees are inclusive of outdoor training sessions so once you become a member there is no more to pay (unless you play more than 1 game per weekend).

Additional charges apply to indoor training sessions depending on numbers and Government restrictions. Currently there is an additional fee of £4 a session.

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Here are our 2020 membership fees for reference...

The following relates to senior members only. For the Women's or Junior section please see the relevant pages.

 The annual membership fees is £150, or £120 for students and the unwaged 

What does my membership fee get me?

Once you are a full member you are entitled to the following without any additional charge;
- Play in as many senior league, cup and friendly matches as you like
- Take part in outdoor training sessions during the summer run by club coaches
- Attend indoor net sessions during the winter
- Take part in in indoor 6-a-side matches
- The use of club kit

How much are the match fees?

If you are a paid up member, there are no match fees!

If you are a non-member then the cost is £13 per match and non-members can take part in up to 5 matches. This can be helpful for players who are new to the club or will only be in Edinburgh for a short part of the summer. Non-members will also be asked to pay for any training sessions (indoor or outdoor) and indoor 6s matches that are attended.

How does this compare with other clubs?

Other clubs in Edinburgh have different models: those without our facilities (for instance, relying on Council pitches and with no overseas amateur/coaches) can be as cheap as £40.  At the other end of the scale, other clubs with high-quality, longstanding facilities and coaching programmes and cost more - some more than £400 a year.  We are somewhere in the middle, and our fees are broadly comparable to clubs with similar overheads.